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ARRI ZEISS 11-110mm T2.2 Macro

Tech specs:

Focal length 11 – 110 mm
Aperture – T2.2
Close focus – 1.5 m
Image coverage – S16
Macro - Available
Weight  – 1.5 kg
Length – 182.5 mm
Front diameter – 87 mm
Mount - PL

The Carl Zeiss 11-110mm T2 Vario-Sonnar is a fast, compact vintage zoom lens designed specifically to completely cover the Super 16 format throughout the entire zoom range. The Vario-Sonnar has full macro functions. The ultraprecise flange focal distance guarantees maximum image sharpness - also during zooming.

The 11-110mm T2 Vario-Sonnar features Zeiss T* multi layer coatings on all lens-to-air surfaces to optimize color saturation, enchance contrast and to reduce flare to a minimum. The neutral color correction of the lens, standard on all Zeiss lenses, guarantees the absolute interchangeability with all other Zeiss T* multi layer coated lenses. 

A more usable way of getting close focusing distance with this lens is to engage the MACRO mode, which unfortunately only works at 11mm, but it will let you focus right up to the front of the lens, so it’s still quite useful for proper macro style shots with surprisingly little distortion.

Image Quality
Although it’s usable wide open, images are a little dreamy, so It's better to stop it down to T2.8-4 where it looks great. Then there is a Chromatic Aberration, which is again most noticeable wide open, but sometimes visible even if lens is slightly stopped down. Lastly, this lens “breathes” quite a bit, which almost looks like a gentle zoom when racking focus at the wide end.

On a positive side, the actual real life images produced with this lens are absolutely beautiful. It has that classic Zeiss T* coated look with rich, punchy colours, great contrast in controlled lighting conditions and beautiful flares when pointed at the strong light source.

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