The ARRI Signature Prime lenses are designed to meet the demands of both large and super35-format cameras. They each have a fast T1.8 maximum aperture and give a pleasant, organic look with attractive bokeh.

Tech Specs:

Mount - LPL
Front diameter - 114mm
Image coverage - FF    

18mm T 1.8 / CF 0.35m

25mm T1.8 / CF 0.35m

35mm T1.8 / CF 0.35m

47mm T1.8 / CF 0.45m 
75mm T1.8 / CF 0.65m 

125mm T1.8 / CF 1m

Actual weights:

18mm 2 Kg       length 178mm

25mm 1.8 Kg    length 178mm
35mm 1.7 Kg    length 178mm
47mm 1.8 Kg     length 178mm
75mm 1.9 Kg    length 178mm
125mm 2.3 Kg  length 178mm

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