Carl Zeiss ZF.2 Cine-mod lens

​The Classic lenses from ZEISS have enjoyed an outstanding reputation with photographers all over the world for many years now – and rightly so. This lens family is characterized by its classic appearance and high optical performance. 

The Zeiss SLR 6-Lens Bundle is a treasure trove of high-quality, fast Zeiss optics that can deliver superb still or video image quality, even under challenging low-light conditions. The superlative optics combined with precision manual focus make these lenses very popular for shooting HDSLR and the new large-sensor video cameras. 

These manual focus Zeiss ZF.2 lenses come with a Nikon F mount, but it is possible to use them as Canon EF with optional adapters.

All lenses are cine-mod. They have 95mm front diameter and 0.8 gear pitch for follow focus.

Tech Specs:

Mount - Nikon

FFront diameter - 95mm

Image coverage - full frame (35mm) ​

Distagon T*   18mm F3.5 / CF 0.3m   

Distagon T*   25mm F2.8 / CF 0.17m 

Distagon T*   35mm F2   / CF 0.3m  

Planar     T*   50mm F1.4 / CF 0.45m 

Planar     T*   85mm F1.4 / CF / 1m    

Makro-Planar T* 100mm F2  / CF 0.24m 

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