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Tech Specs:

Mount - PL
Front diameter - 80mm
Image coverage - S35  

Cooke Speed Panchro SIII     18mm T2.2 / CF 10cm
Cooke Speed Panchro SIII     25mm T2.2 / CF   8cm
Cooke Speed Panchro SII      32mm T2.2 / CF 20cm
Cooke Speed Panchro SII      40mm T2.2 / CF 27cm 
Cooke Speed Panchro SII      50mm T2.2 / CF 13cm 
Cooke Speed Panchro SII      75mm T2.2 / CF 40cm 
Cooke Deep Field Panchro  100mm T2.8 / CF 75cm

The fantastic classic Cooke look, these 1950’s lenses are surprisingly sharp with pleasing flare and low contrast.
The Cooke Speed Panchro’s are notorious for producing beautiful images and produce a warm romantic feel.
The P+S Technik rehousing make this lenses available again to use it on a state of the art movie set. The design of the lens housing is very compact and is adequate to the origin small size of the lens.
With this new housing the lens receives two opposed scales, so focus and iris setting can be read from both sides of the camera, marked with whole stop markings. Both rings, iris and focus, are equipped with standard 0.8 module gear as is compatible with standard gear wheels for follow focus and lens control systems. The front diameter is 80mm.

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