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Tech specs:

Zoom ratio – 4.7X
Focal length 19 – 90 mm
Aperture – T2.9
Close focus – 0.85 m
Internal focus – Yes
Image coverage – S35
Macro - Available (33.02 cm away at 19mm, and 76.2 cm away at 90mm)
Weight  – (with servo) 2.7 kg, (without servo) 2.2 kg
Length – 226 mm
Front diameter – 114 mm
Mount - PL

Fujinon introduces a new 19-90 mm T2.9 lightweight PL-mout zoom lens. It's part of Fujinon's Premier line, and is called Cabrio—as in cabriolet—convertible. This is the longest range (19-90) of any lightweight zoom. The convertible part is the quickly removable zoom handgrip. Similar to ENG/EFP servo drives, it has built-in lens motors for focus, iris, and zoom. A rocker controls the zoom.This is daring new territory for PL mount zoom lenses with potential in handheld and documentary style shooting. The Cabrio connects with the electronic "hot shoe" contacts in the lens mounts of newer PL-mount cameras. If you're using the lens with Preston, Arri, Hedén, Servicevision, or cmotion systems, simply back off the 4 screws and detach the handgrip system. When you reattach it, the drive is self-centering. It also has shimless adjustable back focus and macro focus mode, which allows the lens to focus on subjects 33.02 cm away at 19mm, and 76.2 cm away at 90mm.

The 19-90 Cabrio projects a 31.5mm image circle to cover all Super-35 type sensors, including the RED EPIC in 5K full frame, the ALEXA Studio in 4:3 mode and the Phantom Flex in 2560p. The servo can be powered via an external cable.

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