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Tech Specs:

Mount - BNCR
Front diameter - 95mm  (18mm lens - 120mm)

Image coverage - S35 / FF

  18mm f 1.8 / CF  0.18m  (S35)

  24mm f 1.4 / CF  0.16m

  28mm f 1.8 / CF 0.25m

  35mm f 1.4 / 

  50mm f 1.4 / CF 0.27m 

  85mm f 1.4 / CF 0.52m 

135mm f 1.8 / CF   0.8m 


This is a very unique set of vintage glass made in the 1980's for the 35mm Ultracam system. 

Only a few of these sets were made. They are based on Contax Zeiss lenses. 16-blade irises keeps round bokeh at any stop. The 18mm covers S35, but the 24,28,35,50,85,135 all cover FF.

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