Super 35 Illumina lenses are built by the LOMO optical design Bureau, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. Glass  supplied to LOMO specs by Schott of Germany. Design concept and marketing: Luma Tech, Inc. USA

Illuminas employ a classic double-helicoid thread focus mechanism, aided by an innovative bearing system. This means that your focus gear does NOT move, but the front of the lens and its iris gear do track in and out up to 5mm.FRONTS DO NOT ROTATE.

Tech Specs:

Mount - PL
Front diameter - 95mm
Image coverage - S35    

18mm T 1.3 / CF 0.30m

25mm T1.3 / CF 0.30m

35mm T1.3 / CF 0.40m

50mm T1.3 / CF 0.70m 
85mm T1.3 / CF 0.90m 

135mm T1.8 / CF 1.50m

Illumina actual weights:

18mm T1.3 : 1.5 Kg (3.3 lbs) length 135mm
25mm T1.3 : 1.5 Kg (3.3 lbs) length 135mm
35mm T1.3 : 1.23 Kg (2.7 lbs) length 119 mm
50mm T1.3 : 1.15 Kg (2.53 lbs) length 115mm
85mm T1.3 : 1.55 Kg (3.41 lbs) length 116mm
135mm T1.8: 2.3 Kg (5 lbs) length 195mm

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